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CIMEI is committed to upgrade Indian MSME in ESDM and in this journey CIMEI and IIT Indore has decided to recognize, reward and award the innovations in India.

We are glad to inform that CIMEI and IIT Indore has instituted an award namely, “National Innovation Award” (NIA). The awarded innovation will carry Patent and can be commercialize by Indian ESDM Sector to manufacture Indigenous electronic product with global standard. The National Innovation Awards will recognize the innovators focusing “ATAMANIRBHAR BHARAT” by IIT Indore & CIMEI.

There are 18 categories of awards and the Jury nominated by IIT Indore will announce the name of awardees. Entries for each category is restricted to 40 Entries only.

CIMEI proposes Category ownership by a corporate. Each category of award will be owned by one corporate.



The driving force behind the 21st Century is the development of knowledge-intensive societies. It has led to establishment of new Institutes of higher learning in India. Indian Institute of Technology Indore, established in 2009, is part of the initiative that envisages India as a global knowledge and technology leader. Continuing with the tradition of the older IITs, IIT Indore aims to play an active role in propelling India on her growth-trajectory by focusing on research-based educationand innovation driven research and entrepreneurship. IIT Indore aims to achieve this mission with humanistic concerns.




  • Aerospace/Military/Defence Innovation of the Year

    This award is designed to recognize the most innovative product in the aerospace/ military/ defence industry – putting a particular focus on outstanding performance and technical abilities.

  • This award will be won by a company that has produced a display product that demonstrates outstanding originality. Including Consumer electronics.

  • This award recognizes the most innovative embedded solution that showcases exceptional technical ability and performance.

  • This trophy will be won by a company that has produced an outstanding interconnection product. It must demonstrate durability, innovation and differ from other connectors on the market.

  • This accolade recognizes a test, measurement and inspection product that has made a significant impact on the market. This product should demonstrate exceptional performance and innovation.

  • This accolade recognizes a product in the automotive market that showcases innovation, demonstrates technical capabilities and has a usefulness that stands out from its competitors in its field.

  • This category is designed to reward Medical Device Engineering Breakthrough including Overall Healthcare Cybersecurity Solution Company.

  • This award acknowledges a design tool, application or software IP that shows advances technical abilities and innovation – it should be a useful tool which improves performance and designs.

  • This award will be presented to a company that best demonstrates true innovation within the Internet of Things. This product should be different from anything else in the market.

  • This award will reward the innovative power product for its outstanding technical performance, impact on the market and originality.

  • This award acknowledges a company that works with young people in education to help them begin a career in the electronics sphere.

  • This award recognizes Electronic components distributor that has achieved clear business milestones. This distributor must have exceptional customer service, an innovative product range and strong marketing initiatives.

  • This award honors sustainability, environmental achievement and leadership within the electronics sector.

  • The EMS companies with the highest scores in electronics assembly equipment, materials and software suppliers. CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY service categories will receive this award.

  • This trophy will be given to a PR agency/Media House that has gone above and beyond to help its clients gain exposure within the electronics industry.

  • This award recognizes a Electronic company that provides unrivalled service and goes above and beyond for its customers.

  • This accolade will be presented to a manufacturer who has achieved business success within the electronics industry. Highlights can include – but are not limited to – collaborations, partnerships, investments, new products and innovation.

  • This award recognizes a company that has shown innovation. This award will go to companies who have demonstrated Creativity and new product idea, an ability to achieve world-class manufacturing standards and/or Service Delivery process - benchmarking against best practices, achievement of high efficiency norms, use of systems for continuous and sustained improvement.


To qualify for consideration as a nominee for Award, the innovative product or service must be prototype or patented. All entries will be judged on the four criteria:

CONCEPT: Opportunity, Conception, Method, Development

In the true spirit of Thomas Edison, we are looking for innovations that not only address a need and solve a problem but also seize an opportunity and create a new market or industry. And we are interested in the overall method and development of the concept and opportunity. We would like to understand how discovery, collaboration, iteration, prototyping, etc. contributed to the conception and development of the innovation as it progressed from genesis to design and implementation.

VALUE: Need/desire, Differentiation, Cost, Advantage

Value will be primary driver for innovations. Jury would must understand how the innovation satisfies an existing need or desire or creates a new need that is not currently available in the market. Must seek evidence for how the offering is different and whether it has distinct, game changing advantages over any alternatives. Jury will also evaluate its unique value proposition, the relationship between its cost and benefits and its economic desirability.

DELIVERY: Message, Engagement, Availability, Achievement

The innovator must be a great communicator, marketer and master of delivery. The innovator must know to message the broader story of the innovation is communicated in clear and compelling ways. The jury will be looking for interesting examples of how consumers have been engaged and how the offering has been delivered and made available to the marketplace. Finally, how the value proposition of the offering is being achieved, fulfilled and validated in the marketplace.

IMPACT: Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Potential

The real innovation not only demonstrated commercial success but also sustained sensitivity to broader implications. We would like to understand the immediate and longer term impact the innovation has on the environment and society as a whole. We are also interested in how the offering may establish a vision or be the basis of a larger system or platform of innovations and how it might be an inspiration to future innovation and innovators.


Followings are the deliverables for people filing their entries in award activities: